Budgeting for a Beach Wedding – How to Save Big

You’re expecting a romantic beach wedding and you want it held on budget. You rack your brains to figure out how to arrange a budget beach wedding without sacrificing any happiness or grandeur. It’s not hard as you think, read on and you’ll find something really helpful.

Get inexpensive wedding outfit. You deserve an amazing wedding dress although you are on a budget. A terrific array of bridal gowns are available in second-hand shops and on online auction sites, you can also get it on sale in bridal shops. Actually, a wedding dress for the beach wedding doesn’t cost a lot as beach weddings are always casual and ask for simple comfortable gowns instead of exquisite traditional ones. Besides, a pair of expensive high heels is not suitable when you walk on sands. You can be in dressy scandals or even barefoot!

Choose the date cleverly and you can save big. Try to avoid the busy season and Saturdays. Hotels, reception locations and transportation fares are all cheaper in the off-season and off-day. You may also get better service then because the management could focus their attention on you undividedly.

You don’t have to pay for an expensive multi-layered wedding cake made by a top backer; just go to the nearest bakery and buy one big enough for 3/4 of your guests to enjoy as not all of them will eat the cake. Keep simple add-ons. If you want floral decorations over the cake, use fresh flowers instead of fondant ones.

Speaking of flowers, you can do a lot to cut the cost. Choose local reasonable priced flowers in season for your bouquets and table arrangements. Again, as it’s a beach wedding, a huge bunch of bouquet is not necessary. Save some stems and you’ll save some money. Don’t ignore small amount, many a little makes a mickle!

You know how expensive it is to hire a professional photographer and a band. Of course you can handle well with the photo taking and music without them. A large number of people have digital cameras and high quality stereos nowadays. You may have them too. Bring the best stereo selected from those owned by your relatives and friends, let the donor manage it if he or she wants. Ask all the guests to bring their cameras if they have. (You know what, I believe they will even if you don’t ask.) Build up an online photo gallery about your wedding and every wedding participant can share their works there. Certainly you will get the best ones!

Be an eager beaver; there are so many things you can DIY. Buy blank cards and write a piece of your favorite poem or draw something pretty to make the invitations and other stationary unique and tasteful. Buy some mini lanterns, photo frames, coasters at wholesale and pair them with seashells, sea stars or corals as your wedding favors. Some extra benefit is that you can DIY with your dear husband-to-be, your family members or your friends. You are sure to feel closer with them when you do this hand working together.

Yes, follow these simple ideas and you’ll save a lot!