Sea Breezes Beach Glass Photo Coaster

Sea Breezes Beach Glass Photo Coaster is a wonderful beach wedding favor that many bride and groom Hughes for their wedding receptions. I found that beach wedding favors are one of the most pop another types of wedding themes that people use today. Beach wedding favors can be glamorous, they can be plain or they can be just cordial, but they are always spectacular. Because of the Sandy Beaches and wonderful ambiance of the island treat. The beach wedding favor decor is one of a kind. The coasters have a beautiful glass coating with starfish and seashells and sand dollar accents on the lovely glass coaster Franz and the coaster shouts summertime fun to all your guest.

The sea breeze Beach glass photo coaster is a wonderful addition to your wedding theme, which drains elegance and style that all family and friends will enjoy. You can also add day memorable picture to each coaster, because it is set up to allow you to place a pitcher in between the coasters to show to all your family and friends. The coasters measure about 3.5 inches in Square income package with a charming organza riven and blow each favor contains a set of two coasters that you will spread out among this reception tables.

Your beach wedding favor being and wedding reception will be a hit to all your guest and will stand out among the rest to find more of these coasters and wedding favor coasters. You can go to the link below and check out the information that I have provided for you if you like what you find. I hope it makes your wedding that much more spectacular and I hope that you’ll have a wonderful life with your newfound love.

10 Tips for a Beach Wedding

Tip 1

Don’t get sunburned before your beach wedding, save that for after the wedding if you wish. The photos will forever be a reminder to wear sunblock unless in the hands of the wrong photo editor, you might end up with an alien complexion or zombie after attempting to remove the bright glowing red skin. If your destination beach wedding is in the warmer Tropical zones the sun’s rays really are much stronger, so 20 minuets in the sun will be like over an hour at northern latitudes and that’s plenty of time for fresh white skin to burn.

I don’t advocate getting a tan before your wedding, in fact, I’d never recommend one to go out just to get a tan on purpose, but because you will be traveling to the ‘sunburn latitudes’ you may want to at least indulge yourself in outdoor activities before you come to the tropics rather than try to ‘get it all here’. Even with reasonable sun protection your skin will gently acquire enough of tan to help protect your skin on your dream beach wedding day, especially if you work inside and it’s cloudy a lot before the wedding. When you’re here for your wedding/honeymoon, protect yourself from the sun during the hottest parts of the day, particularly before your wedding day. Brides can use high quality make up that has sunblock in it, while of course the guys can seek out high quality sun block that does not leave their face looking like a painted wedding clown.

Tip 2

After your wedding you can go buck wild, even buck-naked in the early Morning hours or just before the sun sets. You can spend hours a day in the sun if you do it right.

Tip 3

I’ve sailed over 20,000 miles in the South Pacific and continue to spend lots of time in the sun, what I have found to be more effective than sun block is long sleeve sun shirts, wide-brimmed hats and just apply a very high quality sunblock to any parts of the face that remains exposed. This cuts down immensely the amount of sunblock required to do an effective job, plus clean up is easy, just change shirts.

Tip 4

Keep Hydrated! Be sure to bring some water to sip on, most beach weddings are in warm places so a little too much to drink the night before, caffeine for breakfast & not enough water is a perfect recipe for tipping over at the Sand Altar in front of your soon to be Godly Mother in Law and everybody.

Tip 5

Don’t party too hard the night before! Feeling a bit hung over for an early morning wedding is extra challenging with the bright sun and tropical island beach weddings will be warmer than most are used to. It is not uncommon for wedding party members that have drunk too much spirits and not enough water to feel very woozy… Sort of distracts for the otherwise dream wedding on the Beach.

But… Tip 6

You can make up for lost partying by having Two Honeymoons on your wedding day! After your morning wedding, saunter back to your Love Nest for a private Champagne Brunch and enjoy a ‘HoneyNoon’ with all the vigor and energy at the peak of your day. You’d be like a ‘HoneyMooner’ but just a bit sooner!

Tip 7

After a nice long nap you’ll wake up refreshed in plenty of time to enjoy an awesome sunset dinner with your second ’round’ of partying AND the Second ‘HoneyMoon’!

Tip 8

Bring tissues or hankershif! We rarely have a dry eye during portions of our ceremonies and more often than not it’s the big tough guy balling’ his eyes out… And wouldn’t you know, when the ‘eye spigot’ is flowing, the ‘nose hose’ tends to go off as well and guys don’t usually have long sleeves a beach wedding… ooooh:-O

Tip 9

Having a simple beach wedding instead of a complex mainland wedding allows for more quality romantic time on your Destination Beach Wedding day. You don’t need to spend the down-payment of a house to have a magical day. Save the rest for the honeymoon vacation and… a house!

Tip 10

Consider wearing island beachwear, Polynesian patters and or colorful flowers as opposed to wearing blaring bright white. Most cameras are pushedto their dynamic limit with the high contrast between the bride’s dress and the groom’s black hole black suit (done with that stuff they paint stealth bombers so they’re invisible). Softening that dynamic range with these ‘Island Style Wear’ will allow the aperture to open up more and take in more of the vivid context. OK, sure, white is a traditional color and I’ve shot countless very stunning white wedding dress shots in the blazing bright sun.

It’s all Good!… but “I’m just Sayin'”…

Is a Beach Wedding Invitation Different From Normal?

A beach wedding is certainly full of fun. In a beach wedding, it will be a lot less formal. Both of the couple and also the guests may walk on the beach with their bare foot. The sea and the blue sky certainly form an extremely beautiful picture. The sound of waves from the sea is the most perfect wedding music. The guests can also dress causally. They do not need to put a tie or formal dress on. This is why beach weddings become more and more popular.

As a beach wedding should be less formal than other form of weddings, one may ask if the wedding invitation should also be less formal, or somehow causal. In fact there is no definite answer about this question. Even if a beach wedding is planned, a formal invitation can also be chosen. However, it may render more fun if a more informal invitation is chosen.

One simple idea of a less formal invitation for a beach wedding is to put some seashell patterns on the wedding card. Embossing will certainly a perfect choice. What is good about embossing is that the guests can “feel” the seashell patterns by their hand. Alternatively, you can print images of seashells on the card.

If you would like to have even more fun and meaning for your beach wedding invitation. You can put real seashell into the wedding invitation. The easiest way is to put a seashell in each envelope. You can also treat the invitation as a sculpture such that the invitation itself is a seashell made from plaster.

The idea of a plaster seashell as a wedding invitation should be very interesting. However, such a sculpture will render difficulties in sending the invitation. You will need to prepare for a higher mailing cost.

If you find this idea of seashell sculpture is too difficult for you to handle, you may try an easier idea. You can put a little bit of sand into the wedding invitation. The most convenient way is to stick a layer of sand on the invitation card such that every guest will know there will be a beach wedding without reading the details of the wedding.

Besides sticking a layer of sand on the wedding card, a very tiny bottle of sand may also work. You can treat the bottle of sand as a entry ticket and the guests have to bring the bottles in order to attend the wedding ceremony and reception. What is good about this idea tiny bottles is that you can get a three dimensional wedding invitation and at the same time it is not too difficult to send them out.

A third idea, and it may be the easiest way to make the wedding invitation, is to draw a cartoon of the beach you are going to have the wedding reception. A beach wedding is meant to be funny and joyful and it is totally alright to have a wedding invitation with funny cartoons on it. If you are good at drawing, you can even draw the cartoon yourself. This will make the wedding card even more meaningful.

Apart from the invitation, the same cartoon drawing can be printed as tickets for the “permission” for the guests to walk on the beach with their bare foot. This can make more fun out both of the wedding invitation and the wedding reception.

If you do not want the invitation to be a cartoon wedding card, you can try to take a photo of the beach you are going to have the wedding reception. Then you can print the photo onto the wedding invitation. A black and white photo will be extremely perfect for the invitation. This black and white photo delivers a sense of romance to guests.

You can also work as the models in the photo. It can be a photo depicting the idea that you two are walking on the beach. It can be also something like a snapshot, depicting a happy moment of both of you on the beach.

Indeed there are a lot more beach wedding idea online. You can just let your imagination fly and you can get the most creative idea, if not the craziest, for you beach wedding invitation.

Using Beach Wedding Favors As Decorations

In this day and age, it is very acceptable to have two-in-one items during your wedding. Your primary reason will be to save on the costs of providing for one item for each category, say, beach wedding favors as decorations.

Yes, indeed, you can find many charming favors for a beach-themed wedding that can double as decorations. You just need to add some touches to make them work to your advantage.

Mini-Photo Albums with an Ocean Theme

The beauty of a mini-photo album as a wedding favor is that it can hold tangible memories of your wedding day. As such, it serves a very practical purpose as well as capping the beauty your big day.

It would be nice if you have a photo-me booth in your reception area. This way, your guests can immediately place photos of themselves in the mini-photo album. The background for the photos can also be of the ocean. Or you may just have the cover of the album printed with as seascape, seashells and sand dollars.

You can place these beach wedding favors on the tables, one for each guest, to serve as decorations. You may stack them with small seashells as toppers.

Sand Castle and Sand Pail Candles

Candles are always good ideas as wedding favors. Not only do candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors but you can also decorate them any way you want. And of course, you cannot deny the fact that scented candles are always appreciated by guests.

Since you have beach-themed wedding, your candle favors should evoke the seas, of which sandcastles and sand pails are the best choices. Both of these beach wedding favors can be personalized anyway you want, say, placing a small flag with your names on it atop one of the castle towers.

You may place these wedding favors on the tables of guests as centerpieces. Just let them pick one candle before going home as their wedding favors.

Personalized Flip Flops

What other personal accessory evokes the beach other than a pair of skimpy bikinis? Well, flip flops, of course! Although more and more individuals are using flip flops outside of the beach, these comfy footwear are always associated with a good time on the beach.

You will appreciate that flip flops are very affordable, very colorful and very practical. Your guests, on the other hand, will love that you have provided footwear in which to romp at the nearby beach.

Thus, you need not look far for your beach wedding favors that can function as decorations than flip flops. Just hang them in pairs on the trees, on the cottages and even as centerpieces in place of flowers. This way, you can save on the cost of the flowers and yet provide for unique decorations.

And so, when looking at the many choices in beach wedding favors, think of them as possible decorations. You will love the savings that can be had in the process, which you can use for your honeymoon instead.