Chic Beach Wedding Invitations

Romantic sunsets. Warm sand. Shimmering ocean. Beach weddings are a popular way to share your love with family and friends. One way to set the mood for your guests is to choose perfect wedding invitations.

Before you choose wedding invites, make sure you have a budget in mind. It can be painful to fall in love with an invitation style only to find out you’ll need to take out a loan to pay for it. Once you know how much you can spend, it’s time to start shopping. Here are 5 ways to create the perfect beach wedding invitation.

1. Paper – Heavy, formal papers call to mind 8-course meals, flouncy bridal dresses and black ties. Your wedding invites should convey the same casual feel as your ceremony. In addition to choosing a lightweight paper, consider using a wispy vellum overlay. Another way to create tropical feelings with your invites is to choose a textured paper. Try invitations embossed with tropical flowers or invites with a texture reminiscent of a pier or dock.

2. Color – From ocean blues to sunshiny yellows, color is an easy and affordable way to create a beach-evoking mood in your wedding invite. Beachy colors are appropriate for both paper and ink. If you’re printing your own invitations, using color is one of the simplest ways to create perfect beach wedding invitations.

3. Photos and images – Another way to get your guests thinking about warm sunshine and tropical breezes is to add drawings or photos to your invitations. Enlist an artistically-gifted friend to ink a beach-inspired drawing. You also might choose a photo of a sunset over glistening water or, for an even more casual feel, a photo of your and your loved one’s footprints in the sand. To personalize a wedding invite this way, you can invest in a professional printer or the print them yourself at home.

4. Looking for beach wedding invitations that will give friends and family a unique keepsake? Roll up the invitation and place it in a small bottle that can be shipped to guests. Some wedding invite printing companies offer bottles filled with sand and bits of shells. This is also a fun invitation idea for bridal showers. Bottles are more costly than conventional wedding invites, so it might not be an ideal choice for budget-conscious brides.

5. Add beach-themed charms to your wedding invites. Charms in the shape of sea shells, palm trees, dolphins, or sea gulls will create the perfect tone for your beach wedding invitations. It can be pricey to hire a printing company to add charms, so if you’re on a budget consider attaching them yourself.

Whether you choose wedding invites with a dolphin charm or incorporate an image from your favorite pier, it’s simple to create beach wedding invitations as stunning as an ocean sunset.

The Advantages of Hiring a Photographer for Your Beach Wedding

Wedding is a very special event in a person’s life. It is to be done once only and therefore, the couple should do their best in order to make their wedding extraordinary. They should have the event be planned and organized very carefully. The foods must be served on time and they should be prepared by expert chefs. The venue must be decorated accordingly and it must be spacious. The attires must be perfect. And last but not the least, photos should be taken by a professional photographer.

A wedding, particularly a beach wedding, would not be complete if there are no photos or videos taken during the event. The photos will serve as the memories of the event and thus, there is a need for them to appear perfect. For sure, you would like to view beautiful and meaningful pictures of your wedding when you are already old.

What are then the advantages of hiring a professional photographer on your beach wedding? Read on.

To start with, you can have more time to manage the event. Instead of worrying about the pictures, you can focus your attention on welcoming your guests because there is a photographer who is in charge of the wedding photos.

Next, you can be sure that all the wedding photos will turn out great. There are times that couples would just assign someone to take photos, without realizing that the person they had assigned wasn’t good enough at taking photos. Too late, the event was already finished and the photos are terrible! You would not like that to happen, would you?

If you are planning to make a story book out of your wedding photos, then the professional photographer that you have hired will do the job. He/she is knowledgeable in such task; therefore, he/she can come up with a story book that will surely amaze you.

Fourth advantage of hiring a photographer on your beach wedding is that he has professional camera that can surely capture your moments perfectly. His camera is a lot better than the ordinary cameras that are usually used by ordinary people.

Lastly, you sure will not waste your money. Many studios would offer deals that are truly worth their price. There are some who would personally do the printing and then put the photos on photo albums. There are also some who would put the pictures on frames. With these, you will no longer need to buy photo albums and frames.

5 Tips On How To Shoot Perfect Beach Wedding Photos

Beach weddings are common with couples who want to exchange vows surrounded by nature. If you are the photographer in such a wedding, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you capture all the special moments and produce perfect photos. If you are asked to take beach wedding photos, here are tips that you should consider in order to make perfect shots:

Find the sun

The sun’s angle is of great importance when it comes to beach photography. For a perfect shoot the sun should be behind you unless you are making a silhouette shot. You should also ensure that the sun is behind the focal point.

Make use of the fill flash

If you are taking portraits and the sunlight is harsh, shadows will most likely be cast on people’s faces or on the white of the wedding dress. To eliminate the shadows you should turn on the fill flash. The fill flash evens out the lighting thus getting rid of the shadow.

Shoot manually

Automatic shooting usually results to underexposure. This is because most of the harsh sunlight is taken by the camera. For ideal results you should shoot manually in order to control the amount to sunlight that gets into the camera.

If you want to shoot automatically, you should first check the exposure at which the camera will automatically shoot and then overexpose it by a stop or two.

Use polarizing filter

Polarizing filters aid in filtering out polarized light thus reducing reflections. By making use of the filters you will be able to filter the harsh sunlight into deep, rich colors thus increasing the contrast of the photo.

Be creative

Creativity plays a major role in producing high quality photos. Instead of taking shots of people, you should take photos of simple objects that are related to the beach wedding.

For example, you can take pictures of a bouquet of flowers resting on a table or the bride’s veil draped over a chair. You can also take pictures of the bride and groom’s footprints in the sand. This will make you unique and your photos will be of high quality.


These are tips on how to take high quality beach wedding photos. If the sunlight is too harsh as a result of the sun setting, you should position the wedding party in such a way that the stand blocks the sun. To create variety, you should shoot in both color and black and white.

How to Capture Your Perfect Beach Wedding Moments Forever

Any wedding is undoubtedly one of the most precious moments in a person’s life, but if you’re having a beach casual wedding, capturing perfect images can be a greater challenge. For best results consider the following:

1. What is the right type of photographer?

When selecting a wedding photographer couples should first decide the style of pictures they want: Casual or Formal. Portrait photographers are perfectly capable of taking both formal and casual pictures but for a beach wedding they’ll most likely concentrate on casual although that doesn’t mean you can’t have formal photos too.

A Hobbyist photographer can be a friend or family member who may offer their services for free or at a very low price. You can consider a Hobbyist but there will be a risk that pictures won’t be as good as a professional.

2. What type of camera?

If you hire a professional photographer you shouldn’t have to worry about the type of camera they are using. If they are professionals they will have a good camera that produces professional images. If you use a Hobbyist you get whatever they own and it may not be the best camera to produce the best photos. Also a professional will best know how to compensate for lighting challenges you may have whether your beach casual wedding is in bright sunlight or under an overcast sky.

3. Color or Black and White Photos?

Color is typically used in wedding photos but you can also request black and white photos for a variety.

4. Personality of the Photographer

You and your wedding party will be working closely with your photographer for many hours so you’ll want one who is friendly and patient. Since you are having a beach casual wedding you need to ask if he has any issues with the outdoor environment. It may seem odd to ask but some people just don’t like the heat.

If it’s a hot, sunny day, the last thing you need on your wedding day is an annoyed, cranky photographer. Before deciding set an interview with the prospective photographer and ask relevant questions. Also ask for references and to see some of their previous work.

Follow these suggestions and expect perfect pictures for your beach casual wedding to be enjoyed by all for a lifetime and beyond.