La Valencia Wedding Photos

La Valencia Hotel first opened in 1926. It is very richly decorated with rare Spanish mosaics and exquisite furnishings. It’s gold and blue domed tower even served as a defense lookout during World War II! With the addition of many ocean villas it is now a highly sought after destination in Southern California. Included in La Valencia’s services are complete butler service, ocean view patios and fireplaces. With such an amazing location and view it’s no wonder it is such a popular wedding venue! La Valencia wedding photos can be some of the most amazing coastal images out there!

La Valencia sits in the world famous La Jolla Cove just steps up from the Pacific Ocean. Many of Hollywood’s most famous stars have used La Valencia as a getaway from the spotlight. Even after all these years the hotel retains its Mediterranean charm. Truly one of SoCal’s best boutique hotels, with open air courtyards. The hotel also boasts modern luxuries. With such a majestic view, the Pacific facing courtyard has placed host to many a wedding!

The location of the hotel makes it a much sought after wedding venue. Not only can you get the most beautiful La Valencia wedding photos, you also have the breathtaking beach just steps away. La Jolla Cove & Ellen Scripps Browning Park are just across the street, with stairways that deliver you to the very doorstep of pounding Pacific surf and sand. You may have to maneuver around a few seals and sea lions that sun-bathe on La Jolla’s shores.

The pure charm of La Jolla, the perfect temperatures, the spectacular sunsets. During peak season you should definitely give yourself extra travel time, as it’s somewhat of a bottleneck getting into La Jolla, but once you’re there you won’t want to leave! Should you decide to do wedding photos at La Valencia be sure to check on sunset times as they continue to move each and every day. You should also consult a tide chart to find peak surf times. Looking into events at the park is also wise, festivals can absolutely pack the beaches and parks with thousands of people and it will be a task to get a photo without people in it. I have found that if you go far enough out to the surf you should have no problem finding a nook to execute perfect sunset wedding photos in La Jolla.

Ideas for a Dreamy Beach Wedding

More and more couples are planning their wedding day at the beach. Fortunately for you there are many beautiful and unique decorations for you to choose from when a beach wedding is your theme.

Your beach wedding will be less stressful and a lot of fun with these helpful beach wedding decoration ideas.

So let’s begin to plan.

Beach Wedding Aisle Runner:

The internet offers a number of choices for beach wedding aisle runners that can be personalized just for you. Scatter real or silk petals down the sides of the runner or if your are having a flower girl she will do the job for you.

Ceremony and Reception Guest Chairs:

Here are a couple of ideas to dress up your guest chairs. Tie a length of theme colored tulle around the chair and tie a huge bow in the back. Add a lovely flower and a six to eight inch palm leaf to the center of the bow. You may tie a ribbon around the back of the chair and rather than a bow tie a cluster of seashells to the middle of the ribbon

Ceremony Arch or Canopy:

Cover the arch with tulle in your theme colors and decorate with small seashell and starfish for a magical look. If you are having a canopy, drape strings of simulated pearls along with small tropical flowers to make a perfectly dreamy place to exchange your vows.

Beach Wedding Photo Backdrop:

Also, to be found on the internet are really nice backdrops for beach weddings that you can set up and have a beach pail of disposible cameras where guests can take one, take a picture and it makes a really fun wedding favor.

Reception Area Decorations:

If it is fire safe, put flaming tiki torches around the perimeter of the reception area and what is more beach and romance than the glow of tiki torches. Drape nets from the walls or ceiling and hang tropical flowers or seashells and starfish from the netting.

Wedding Table Centerpieces:

In keeping with your dreamy beach theme how about filling a clear glass bowl with sand and add small sea shells, glass marbles, faux pearls and small star fish. Place a glass votive in the center and see how the light from the candle reflects beautifully off the shells, marbles and whatever else you have put in the sand.

Miniature lanterns are available in black or white and arrange in the middle of your tables with either a candle or seashells, starfish and other beach items. Use a reflective mirror or sand under the lanterns for a finished look.

Beach Wedding Cakes:

A beach themed wedding cake is a way you can use your personality and creativity in a tasty way. Look through the internet sites and books for ideas and then you need to find a baker that will turn your wedding dream cake into a cake to celebrate your day. It might take time but will really be worth it.

Beach Wedding Music:

As you plan your beach wedding music, the two of you should sit down and discuss the music you like and means the most to both of you. Your wedding is the perfect time to choose those songs you want for your beach theme and your wedding day. If you are using a DJ make sure he knows all your desires well before the day.

A gorgeous rendition for your first dance music is Sam Harris doing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Take a listen to it on YouTube. I bet it gives you goose bumps.

I truly hope these dreamy beach wedding ideas are helpful and perhaps starts your creative juices going and the two of you enjoy your day with family, friends, the sea and the soft warm sand.

Beach Wedding Photography

Planning a wedding is an exciting activity for a lot of people. It does not matter if you are the bride, the groom, the parents or just the friends. Weddings are a happy event that almost everybody looks forward to.

One of the most popular places to hold a wedding is the beach. A beach wedding is ideal for people who like to feel the wind on their skins and hear the waves in the ocean. It is perfect for couples who enjoy the natural beauty of a location that is close to the blue waters and skies.

If you are thinking of having your big day at the beach, you might want to check out beach wedding photography services to use on your special day. Having great photos to remind you of this wonderful and ecstatic occasion is a must. You would not want to not let this memorable moment in your life just slip away, would you? That is why it is important to look for a reputable beach wedding photography company to help you with all of this.

Another thing that you should think about when planning this type of wedding is the theme. Beach weddings can be done in a lot of different ways. One technique is to put up lots of seashell, coconut and palm tree decorations around the area where the exchange of vows will take place. You could also make the venue look like Hawaii. You could ask your guests to come in Hawaiian clothes, shirts and dresses to have that Hawaiian feel even if you are miles and miles away from the real place. Of course, do not forget the flowers. Choose those that are exotic and bright in color. Ask the resort or a florist to help you with the right combination and kinds of flowers.

Your wedding day can be made really extraordinary with the help of people around you. You could hire a wedding organizer so that you could get an expert’s advice on everything – the best beach to have the wedding, the types of decorations to use, the beach wedding photography service to contact, the food to serve, and a lot more.

Wedding Invitations For Beach Weddings

Unique and crisp beach theme wedding invitations.

If you are planning for a beach theme wedding, choose invitations for beach weddings make another reason to look for the perfect invitations as unique and fresh as your wedding day. A couple who plans to get married on summer months mostly chooses to have a beach setting for their wedding day. When choosing what design is best for this type of theme, it is important that you convey how fresh and cool the event will be.

Several catchy sceneries of the wedding place are surely wonderful. Panoramic glimpses of sands or an overview of the beach is just superb and instantly convey that your wedding is something everybody should look forward to.

Wedding invitations for beach weddings allow you to choose vibrant, sunny colors. Happy colors of summer will never be overdesigned for beach weddings. Show your guests the beauty of crystal waters, the inviting white sands of the beach or the breath taking paradise waiting for them to experience. By doing this, you make your guests be more exciting as you actually are!

Some of the more common beach wedding invitation themes include the use of seashells, beaches, starfish and palm trees. If you are looking for invitations that are a little more subtle you might wish to use bright colors or summer flowers as the background or accent picture.

You can also consider having photo invitations, where you just need to have a picture of romantic projection at the beach where you will be married. This adds personal touch, gives more drama and excitement to the invitation and the event itself. When it comes to the proper wording, mostly informative formats are widely used, more fitted with a beach themed wedding.

But you can be creative and use enchanted, fairy like theme like it came from the gods of the sea. The beauty and uniqueness of your beach theme wedding invitations are endless, and mostly customizable. Don’t be afraid to give some touch of individuality to your wedding stationery. It is the only key to embed your personality as a couple and makes remarkable invites that your guests will just have terrible time to skip the day of your wedding!

Choosing Beach Wedding Invitations allows you to incorporate you wonderful wedding theme into your stationery. Wedding stationery is not only functional, but it can also be a beautiful keepsake. This keepsake is not just for you (but of course you will keep some) but also for all the people you invite to your wedding, including close family and friends. So choose wisely!